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Baseball Tournament

(Wednesday 23 October 2013) by Rick Clot
Today is Wednesday and we're smack dab in the middle of baseball week. We had two games, yesterday and Monday, won them both by identical 7-6 scores, and today I'm about as sore as sore can be. Nine inning baseball games that last three hours pose a challenge especially to someone like me who is used to seven inning softball games that last one hour and you go home. The other grueling difference is that in baseball the bases are 90' instead of 65' in softball which according to my elementary math means you're running a lot farther. Anyway, the basic scientific principle that comes into play here is that when you run from one base to the next it seems like you'll never get there. At the start of every game is the wafting smell of Ben Gay which seems to bring back memories of the good old days how the dugout used to smell like a locker room. Soreness abounds in this kid's game. In fact, soreness runs rampant. Personally, for me soreness is off the charts. On a scale of 1-10 my soreness is pushing a 12. But today we're back at it and I hope we come home with another victory although it will be questionable since we have very little pitching left. Everybody might throw an inning or two today. This should be worth the price of admission.

Until Next Time,
Maybe my fingers won't be too sore to type,

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