Travel Journal

Still Driving

(Sunday 10 August 2014) by Rick Clot
Well, I'm still employed at the driving job and starting to get the hang of the system. No they haven't fired me yet which is a minor miracle in itself. I'm starting to learn the busy areas and the prime times when and where people are most likely to call for a ride. The entertainment complexes that house shopping malls with nearby restaurants and sports bars have the heaviest traffic and the most chance of staying busy. I spent the majority of my time yesterday in Old Scottsdale where the yuppies are doing the restaurant and club scene all night. I could have hung around a mall a lot closer to home and stayed just as busy but there was a Justin Timberlake concert at the adjacent sports arena and the traffic was horrible. I didn't feel like fighting the traffic. The one thing I've learned about this job is that I first thought that the majority of the clientele would be young adults who were out drinking all night and needed a ride home because they were falling down, stupid drunk. So far that has not been the case. At least not yet. A lot of them go out drinking but nobody has been stupid yet. I'm sure I'll get a few of those before this thing is all over. But the one thing I know, this job has provided me with a solution to my problem. It has gotten me out of the house before I went completely bat crap crazy.

Until Next Time,
Still driving the Valley,


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