Travel Journal

Admiring The Rain

(Wednesday 13 August 2014) by Rick Clot
Today the monsoon season is bringing intermittent rain to our town. It doesn't rain every day. In fact, you could probably count on both hands the number of days it rains in a year around here. But last night was one of the times it did and it washed out my plans to go out to watch a couple of softball games today. I guess I shouldn't complain. It washes the dust and dirt out of the air and cleans the streets. Here in the northwest sector of town we don't get half the amount of bad weather that the other end of town gets. Oh, once in awhile we'll get a conventional storm that rolls through from the west but the prevailing weather patterns usually bring the storms in from the southeast. That side of town normally gets more storms and heavier rains than this side. Plus they have to put up with the haboobs. Those are massive dust storms that are associated with low pressure systems. It is literally a wall of dust that moves in from the southeast but usually dissipates by the time they reach the west and northwest parts of the Valley. They are a true phenomenon. It is a wall of dust that rolls through and leaves a blanket of dirt covering everything in it's wake. Sometimes I feel sorry for those pool owners who forget to cover their pools during these storms. They spend a lot of time running their cleaning systems and washing out their filters. Been there, done that and I don't miss it.

Until Next Time,
Admiring the rain in Surprise,


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