Travel Journal

Sometimes I Need Earplugs

(Friday 29 August 2014) by Rick Clot
Well, here we are at the end of August and I believe we are winding down to the end of the monsoon season. Finally! Oh, don't get me wrong. The rain does help to lower the temperatures around here and present a welcomed relief in that regard. But it also makes driving around town and providing a ride share service a little more of a challenge. It's the light, pesky rain that poses the problem, not so much the heavy downpour. When the weather forecast is calling for major thunderstorms I avoid going out all together on the assumption that nobody else will be out either. This is the start of Labor Day weekend and the next three days should be pretty busy. All the college kids are back in school and the ASU campus is jumping as well as the night life in Old Town Scottsdale. That place is getting stupid crazy since the college kids are back in town. The job is still rather fascinating from the standpoint that you never know who you'll pick up next or what the conversation is going to be about coming out of the back seat. A lot of people will freely talk about any subject using all kinds of questionable language with total disregard for anyone else who is in the vehicle, namely me. And the girls are worse than the guys. Some of these girls would make a sailor on shore leave blush.

Until Next Time,
La la la I can't hear you,


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