Travel Journal

Mother Nature at Her Finest

(Tuesday 9 September 2014) by Rick Clot
The last couple of days here in the Phoenix area produced two of Mother Nature's most interesting weather phenomena. Last Saturday in the early evening hours a wall of dust rolled through the city. It's officially known as a haboob and it is literally a huge wall of dust similar to a giant wave rolling in to shore. It can turn daylight into night. I was sitting in the parking lot of a gas station watching this giant cloud roll through. It engulfed entire communities in a matter of minutes. Then last night we were hit with the biggest rainstorm in the history of Phoenix weather records. We got more than half of our entire year's rainfall in one night. The interstate into downtown Phoenix was shut down in both directions due to flooding viaducts. Some people attempted to drive through the water but it was rising so fast several cars stalled out and the drivers made it out just in time as the water rose to the roof of the car. All traffic on the freeway in both directions was diverted off onto the surface streets, half of which were flooded themselves. What a mess the morning rush hour was today.

Until Next Time,
Flooded in the desert,

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