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Driving My Life Away

(Sunday 28 September 2014) by Rick Clot
Driving has been my life lately. I was born to drive. I live to drive. If there ever comes a day when I can't drive anymore, and I'm sure that day is coming a lot sooner than I care to think about, I'll just retire to my BarcaLounger, watch reruns of the Big Bang Theory all day long and try to put up with my constant leg twitches which seem to happen whenever I sit around watching TV. Oh how I love the golden years. Anyway, back to driving. This time of the year is keeping me fairly busy with the college kids back in town. One of my part time jobs is driving for a company that I affectionately refer to as a taxi service on steroids. It provides me the opportunity to meet new people and hear everyone's life story depending on how much they've had to drink that night. And you wouldn't believe some of the conversations coming from the back seat which I won't get into in this public forum. Suffice to say there have been some juicy topics. I also help out a couple of friends who have their own airport shuttle service which is always busy in the Fall since the snowbirds are returning to town. This gig is not totally without it's downside though. Last night was a perfect example. We had a major storm roar through the area with high winds and torrential rains. It was so bad they closed the airport and evacuated the air control tower. I was supposed to pick someone up at the airport at 3:30pm yesterday but their flight was diverted to Albuquerque and didn't get in until 8:30. And me without a book to read. What a long night.

Until Next Time,
Looking for a good book in Surprise,


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