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Weirdo Wednesday

(Tuesday 14 October 2014) by Rick Clot
OK, so I'm still driving for Uber and enjoying the experience for the most part although I'm still shocked by some of the things being talked about in the back seat. Last Wednesday seemed to be weirdo's night out. I picked up a girl (?) named Dani who I was suspicious of right from the start. She (?) looked uncomfortable in heels and the tone of her voice came in somewhere between a woman's and a man's. I only know this because she told me, "Turn left at the light" and sounded like my father. Fortunately, her ride was a short one and she wasn't with me for too long. That was the first cross dresser to whom I've given a ride. Actually, Wednesday was a night of firsts. I then picked up two guys who were going to a bar. They started the ride with some small talk and before it was over they had graduated to kissing on the lips and who knows what else. I didn't care to ask and I sure as hell wasn't going to peek. I just got them to their destination as quickly as possible. So much for the weirdos. Then Friday I picked up a girl who was drop dead gorgeous who was bar hopping. The first thing she did was call her girlfriend and moaned to her about this blind date she had at the last bar she was just at. She complained that he didn't look anything like his picture he posted on the dating service website which immediately begged the question, "Why would someone this gorgeous need to go online for a date?" This job is proving to me that there is definitely a whole other world out there. Fun, fun, fun.

Until Next Time,
Will tomorrow be another Weirdo Night,


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