Travel Journal

Sarcasm Abounds

(Sunday 26 October 2014) by Rick Clot
Yeah, the snowbirds are slowly migrating back to the Valley. I love it (sarcasm duly noted here. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge). This is the time of the year when the traffic gets heavy and the lines at restaurants and grocery stores get long. It has started to take a longer amount of time to get out on the main street from our neighborhood side street. Sometimes it's an endless parade of cars going by. I love these snowbirds. I was getting lonely this summer (more sarcasm). In the grocery stores in the summer you might not run into ten people in the entire store. From now through next April you could meet ten people just in the cereal section alone. In a few minutes we're going out to meet another couple at the local pizzeria for a bite to eat. This is a small place that houses about 12 tables. We'll be lucky to find a seat. And why is that you ask? You guessed it. The SNOWBIRDS. If it's snowbird season why can't we shoot them (as sarcasm continues)? Sometimes my sarcasm runs rampant as you can probably tell. In a few months Phoenix will host the Super Bowl and also a major PGA tournament on the same weekend. That might be a good time to crawl into a cave for a few days. I can hardly wait (the sarcasm abounds).

Until Next Time,
Enjoying the crowds (don't say it),


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