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The Feared Cleanup Hitter

(Wednesday 19 November 2014) by Rick Clot
Last week it became clear to me that I now had a story that I would be able to tell my grandsons when they grow up a little and better understand the nuances of baseball/softball, our great American pastime. In one of our softball games last week I found myself penciled in to the cleanup spot in the batting order. Now for anyone who does not know the first thing about softball lineups because they just flew in from Mars or have been living in a cave all their lives, the cleanup spot is the #4 hitter and is usually reserved for the big stud who can drive the ball over the fence with some regularity. Our coach is 6'4", 300 lbs and is capable of hitting a softball 900' (Okay I exaggerated a little there). He's in the senior softball Hall of Fame yet he has ME hitting cleanup. There's something I'll be able to tell my grandsons when they get older. In all honesty, I'm about as far removed from that type of hitter as you can be since most of my hits barely make it to the outfield grass. But for some inexplicable reason, let's call it a temporary loss of sanity, the coach insisted on slotting me in the #4 hole in the lineup. Who knows what the man was thinking. He might have been on drugs for all I know. However, at the end of the day I had a few hits to show for my effort but the real thrill was a medium deep line drive that was caught by the outfielder. Why would that be the thrill of the day, you ask? Because had it not been caught the ball would have surely rolled to the wall and hit the fence, a sound I'm not used to hearing. Knowing that I came within inches of hearing that rare sound made my day.

Until Next Time,
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