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Chicago, BRRRRR!

(Monday 8 December 2014) by Rick Clot
I am finally back at the blog after a three week hiatus spending the Thanksgiving holiday in Chicago with family. With the exception of two days with temps in the 50's, the rest of our time was spent in the 20's and wearing sweatshirts to bed every night. 12 days in Chicago and I never stopped shivering. And my belief that Chicago has the world's worst drivers was reinforced after spending all that time driving the mean streets of the city. If Chicago drivers didn't have a horn on their car they wouldn't be able to drive. It would be like an Italian trying to hold a conversation with his hands tied behind his back. Impossible! My dealings with Enterprise rental cars was an adventure. I took advantage of their free shuttle service to pick me up. When I got in I was asked for a driver's license and credit card. Since I don't have any credit cards they wouldn't let me rent a car even though I offered to pay in cash up front. I wasn't allowed to do that either. Needless to say I was not a happy camper. You would think they would have told me all this. I had to call my wife and her cousin to come in and put the car under the cousin's name and credit card. I was so disappointed with this rental location that I told the manager upon returning the car that if they normally send out a customer survey to get feedback from renters they might want to save the effort because they wouldn't want to hear what I had to say. I've been home for a week and have not seen a survey yet. Maybe they heeded my advice.

Until Next Time,
Not missing the snow and cold,


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