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Any Beer Left?

(Thursday 18 December 2014) by Rick Clot
Our softball league plays games on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons. On Thursdays, since we have the last three games of the day, it is the responsibility of the home team in the last game to sweep up and secure the field for the night. Because of the way the schedule is made every team shares this responsibility at some point during the course of the season. Last Thursday it was our turn. The job consists of 4-5 people sweeping out the dugouts, picking up balls, taking forgotten personal equipment to the lost and found in the storage shed and making sure the field maintenance equipment is locked up. Then when all that is done the last item of business is to lock the gates and secure the keys in a lock box. Easy peasy, right? WRONG! Someone on our team forgot to lock the gates. When this happens, and it does more often than you would think, it generates a phone call from our after hours security forces to the softball club to inform us that our field is wide open. I mean, how difficult can this job be when there are printed instructions on the bulletin board at the field? Well, through a quirk in the schedule, our team drew this responsibility again today and I've been assigned to the cleanup crew. So I'm sure we'll be under very tight scrutiny since our team screwed it up last week. I just hope the boys on the sidelines save me a cold one which, now that I think about it, is probably the reason we messed it up last week. Too many guys in a hurry to get a beer before they were all gone.

Until Next Time,
Save me one, guys,


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