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Post Christmas Notes

(Sunday 28 December 2014) by Rick Clot
So here it is Sat, Dec. 27th and as I think back to Christmas day two days ago and reminisce over the day's activities I am grateful for the gift of health, the gift of family and the gift of a delicious turkey dinner we were all able to share. It was a wonderful day spent at my daughter's house with family and friends. And speaking of gifts, much to my surprise I was given a gift card to our local AMC theater for a free movie and popcorn. This totally trumps my usual bag of pistachio nuts or the obligatory four pack of socks or underwear that I seem to get every year. Thank you Santa. Only 362 more shopping days left until next Christmas. On a totally separate note, we lost our charity softball game today 22-14 but the upside is that we raised a lot of money for a good cause, Relay For Life, to find a cure for cancer.

Until Next Time,
Pass the Ben Gay,


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