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Baseball Trivia

(Thursday 8 January 2015) by Rick Clot
Today it was in the high 70's here in Phoenix and I think we broke some kind of record. Certainly better than below zero weather in the Midwest. I picked up somebody from the airport yesterday and I actually had the A/C on in the car. Thank you Mr. Weatherman. Only about seven weeks until the pitchers and catchers report to spring training. Hooray for preseason baseball. Speaking of which, here's some baseball trivia that might win you a free drink at a bar. A baseball is 9" in circumference, weighs 5 oz. and travels 60'6" and at times can reach 100 MPH which gives the hitter only milliseconds to decide to swing or not. It has a cork center wound tightly with wool yarn, covered in cowhide and stitched tightly with 216 stitches. The average major league baseball has a life expectancy of 7 pitches before it's thrown out of play for various reasons. The game itself has some unique oddities also.
1) It's the only major team sport that is not governed by a time clock.
2) It's the only sport where the defense controls the ball.
3) It's the only sport where the man in charge wears the same uniform as the players.
4) It's the only sport where the out of bounds lines (foul lines) are actually fair.
Ok, now go win yourself a drink at the bar.

Until Next Time,
Enjoying the weather in Surprise,


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