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(Friday 16 January 2015) by Rick Clot
Once again as sleep eludes me in the early morning hours I sit here trying to scour my brain for something to post. It's been eight days since my last post and I'm starting to think my life is turning into a "theme" party with boredom as it's theme. Not very much has been happening lately of interest unless you consider the recent cold front that moved through the area accompanied by unseasonable rainstorms, interesting. We've actually had three softball games rained out this season. Normally, we don't get three rainouts in five years around here. So next week is the end of the first half of our season and we're currently in second place only one game out of first but, realistically, with slim hope of taking over the top spot since the first place team is loaded with hitters and beating everybody by 10-15 runs every game. It's like Ali in his prime fighting Barney Fife. They're just toying with us. It's like in yesterday's game, the first place team found themselves in a close one run game going into the last inning and decided to quit playing around with their opponent and went out and scored 13 runs in the last inning for the runaway win. We'll play out the rest of the games including the makeup of the rainouts then take a week or two off and start into the second half which will end in mid April. Then a much earned rest during the summer.

Until Next Time,
Living the dream,


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