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Football Fans Are Neanderthals

(Monday 19 January 2015) by Rick Clot
Yesterday was a curious day. Our friends who currently have their house for sale needed to vacate the premises on the advice of their real estate agent who wanted to hold an open house and thought it would be best if the home owners were not home. So we agreed to meet them for lunch and then retire to our house to watch the Packers-Sea Chickens football game on TV which didn't excite me since I'm the most uninterested football fan on the planet. I don't like the sport and never did. So we met at a sports bar for hamburgers and drinks. To my dismay the place was filled with Packers and Sea Chickens fans all boozed up with each side trying to shout down the other from the very first play of the game and every play thereafter. The noise level got so loud, especially from the Packers fans since they jumped out to an early lead, it became nearly impossible to hold a decent conversation lasting more than 25 seconds which, coincidentally, is the time a team is given to run another play without being penalized. The crowd seemed to be a mix of middle age rednecks, local senior loud mouths from our nearby retirement community and even a little old lady Packers fan who appeared to be well into her 80's and on a supervised release program from the home, putting a twist on the U. of Alabama cheer by yelling "Roll Pack Roll". The biggest mouth in the crowd was an old guy wearing a Sea Chickens jersey who tried to embarrass anyone who walked in wearing a Packers jersey. He was even loud despite his team losing early. I'm glad we weren't around for the end of the game when Seattle pulled it out in OT. This guy oozed class. My time spent in this sports bar totally reinforced why I dislike football so much. It seems to bring out the "caveman" in people.

Until Next Time,
Mesmerized by Neanderthals in Surprise,


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