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Another Week Gone

(Friday 30 January 2015) by Rick Clot
OK, so let's see what's been happening the last week or so. The first half of our Fall/Winter softball season just ended today with us finishing solidly in second place two games out of first. We won our last game today in dramatic fashion scoring four runs in the bottom of the seventh for an 18-17 come from behind victory. I batted .661 and led the team in doubles (8) and RBI's (36) despite missing four games during the session. My numbers could have been better but I'm satisfied considering my abilities have been on the downslide for awhile now. Then we had a cookout of hotdogs and beer signaling the end of the season. Nothing like two jumbo dogs and a beer at 10:30 AM to wake up your colon. Ah, breakfast of champions! Let's see, what else is going on? My part time job driving for Uber has been temporarily put on hold through my own choice. The Phoenix area has been a hot bed of activity the last ten days with the Pro Bowl last Sunday, the Phoenix Open this week and of course the Super Bowl this Sunday. Since I'm one that hates crowds and heavy traffic, I've elected to stay off the streets until things calm down next week and the crowds disperse. I'm probably passing up a boatload of money but so be it. It's worth my peace of mind. (Ed. note: Pitchers and catchers report to spring training in three weeks. Yeah!)

Until Next Time,
Relaxing in Surprise,


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