Travel Journal

Gotta Love Computers

(Thursday 12 February 2015) by Rick Clot
OK, I'm back on line. My computer crashed and has been in the repair shop for the last ten days. Actually, a geek from the computer club here in the community brought it home with him and spent all this time getting it up and working again and only charged me $80. I thought I got away rather cheap. Apparently, I had a Trojan Horse (?) and some malware (?) attacking my computer which means nothing to me. I have no idea about any of that stuff. He could have told me it was Hitler's 22nd Panzer Division and I would have believed him. What do I know? I lost my entire picture file that got corrupted which I'll never see again. Kinda sad about that. There were a lot of pictures of the grandkids in there. I also lost all my files which I'm slowly starting to replace one by one. One surprising discovery that came out of this fiasco is that I never realized how much time I spend on this silly machine. The last ten days have been sooooo boring. I watched all my taped TV programs I haven't been able to catch up on. I finished reading a book. It took me three months to read the first half and ten days to finish it. Anyway, I'm finally back up and running. Hooray!

Until Next Time,
Typing my life away in Surprise,


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