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Minding My Own Business

(Monday 23 February 2015) by Rick Clot
A business opportunity presented itself the other day. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards. A friend of mine operates his own private airport shuttle service primarily for residents here in the community. He's been doing it for the last five years and it's grown to a tidy little business mainly through word of mouth advertisement. A couple of months ago he mentioned to me that he was getting tired of it and would like to pass it off to someone who might be interested in taking it over. He asked me since I've been helping him as a backup driver for the last two years. I told him I would be willing to listen to any plans he had. So we met last week to talk and things sounded promising until he started talking about a selling price for the business. Here's a business that he had no start up costs or ongoing overhead involved, no equipment or advertising costs and no employees to worry about. He has no business loans to pay off and no money invested in which he had to recoup. Now I have to admit I've never been involved in the sale or purchase of a business but it seems to me that trying to sell a business that cost you nothing from the start is a bit greedy. Maybe I was being a little naive thinking he would simply pass off his client base and phone calls to me while slowly transitioning out of the business without putting a price tag on it. I told him I didn't think we could swing it. I didn't want to tell him I objected to him trying to sell the business. No sense losing any friends over this.

Until Next Time,
Wondering if I was wrong,


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