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(Thursday 19 March 2015) by Rick Clot
OK, OK, don't say it. I know, it's been at least three weeks since my last post but nothing has been happening in my life that would qualify as outstanding or a memorable event worthy of mentioning in this blog. Pretty boring, eh? Rain is engulfing the area today which means no softball games and no spring training games either. Sandy will have the car for most of the middle part of the day which means I'm relegated to going places only reachable by golf cart. Very restrictive there. But with no sides on the golf cart, that option has been lost unless it stops raining. Shoot, I can't even go to McDonald's without getting wet. But it's not like a McDonald's hamburger is worth getting wet for to begin with. I could sit on the covered patio and read my book but it's a little chilly (60ish) so that option is off the table. Well this is shaping up to be a boring day to say the least. I know. Maybe I'll clean the house while Sandy is gone and out of the way. I could wash last night's dishes. I could mop the floor. NAH!!! Did I actually say that? I must be on drugs and getting delusional. Only 24 more hours until tomorrow morning. Hopefully the rain will move on.

Until Next Time,
Counting raindrops in Surprise,

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