Travel Journal

The Joy of Spring

(Sunday 29 March 2015) by Rick Clot
Today is starting out to be a good day. I just got a call from a friend who said he had two tickets to today's spring training game between the Cubs and KC Royals that he couldn't use and knew I was a closet Cubs fan and asked if I could use them. I naturally said yes since Sandy and I haven't been to a game yet this year. Actually, I've been to one game. That was last Wednesday when the same friend again had a spare ticket and asked me if I'd like to go see the White Sox play the Royals since I was from Chicago and he naturally assumed I was a White Sox fan. I accepted his generous offer and didn't tell him I was more of a Cubs fan than a Sox fan until the third inning. So it's off to see the Cubbies today. Our seats will be right behind the first base dugout three rows up and since the game is being televised on WGN with a 3:05 start time in Chicago, maybe I'll even be on TV. I was on Facebook last Wednesday when they filmed a pre game father/son exchange of lineup cards at home plate and when the camera followed the son back to the dugout, there I was. Well, I think it was me. I recognized the shirt and hat I was wearing but couldn't make out the face since everything was grainy. So I might be on TV when left handed batters come up. Here's my one shot at fame.

Until Next Time,
Watching the Cubbies in Surprise,


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