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Ricky's Believe it or Not

(Tuesday 14 April 2015) by Rick Clot
The last week or so people have shocked me both in a funny way and unfortunately a stupid way. A couple of incidents stand out. First, I pulled out of the bank parking lot to a four way stop sign. Crossing the street on my right was a little old lady, estimated age 80, on a bicycle in the crosswalk. The car on my left started through the intersection but had to stop halfway through to let the bicycle lady cross. She seemed slightly scared that the car wasn't going to stop in time but when she regained her balance she let out a resounding "You F***in' A**hole" and completed her crossing. Language more befitting a sailor on shore leave in a bar, not an old lady. The second incident happened in one of our community softball games last Thursday. Two guys got into a spirited discussion (argument is such an ugly word) over an umpire's call at second base. When it carried on to an excessive amount, I felt I should intervene to clarify the rule. Why? Because a) It's one of the few rules in the book that I know word for word and b) I was appointed Chief Umpire of our league and as such I felt it was my responsibility to help quell the situation. One of the guys wasn't buying into my explanation and told me I had to show him the rule. So I did. I emailed it to him later in the day to which he took great exception and emailed me back ending his tirade with a warm, heartfelt F*** YOU! I guess he'll be taking my name off his Christmas card list. I don't know how I always get myself in trouble like this. I was just trying to help. SIGH!!!

Until Next Time,
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