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(Thursday 30 April 2015) by Rick Clot
It's been over two weeks since my last post. I guess that shows you how exciting my life has been lately. So let me try to think of something interesting here. Or maybe not. I had an appointment with my doctor for my annual physical three weeks ago and I told him I was experiencing some lower back pain when I'm on my feet for any extended period of time, i.e. softball games or umpiring. The conversation turned to Simvistatin, a medication I'm taking for cholesterol. He suggested I stop taking it for three months and monitor the pain. Well, I'm happy to report that the pain has subsided. It hasn't completely disappeared but it's a whole lot more manageable than it was. I will make another appointment in three months and report my findings and hopefully he'll take me off that med assuming my cholesterol hasn't shot through the roof in the inerim. On a lighter note, Sandy has been working a part time job for the last month or two. She works with two ladies in a small, privately owned insurance office Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10AM - 2PM. Just enough to give me a little home alone peace and quiet time to myself. With a little bit of luck they'll expand her hours in the Fall. (Ed. note: It's April 30th and we should hit triple digit heat today for the first time this year. A little early for 100. I can't wait for July and August.)

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