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Out of the Mouths of Babes

(Thursday 6 August 2015) by Rick Clot
My wife and I have the distinct pleasure of watching our 9 year old granddaughter this week due to a scheduling quirk which saw her summer camp end last week and the new school semester starting next week. And since Mom works, someone has to be with the young un. Maybe that's not really a quirk in the schedule. It was probably done that way by design so the teachers and counselors can get a well deserved break from the munchkins. Anyway, June and I spent yesterday at the community pool. They have special hours for kids. Kids are only allowed in the indoor pool from 1-3 PM. So we get in the pool at 1:00 and slowly and methodically the old people make their way to the exit. By 1:05 we have the entire pool to ourselves. That's when little nuggets of useless information innocently roll out of her mouth because she has no fear of anyone hearing her. Example:
June: My friend Sophia eats her boogers.
Me: She WHAT??? How do you know that?
June: I saw her.
Me: Oh yuck. That's disgusting.
June: She says they taste like marshmallows.
Me: Thanks June. That was a little more information than I wanted to know.
Art Linkletter made a career out of this. He called his TV program "Kids Say the Darndest Things".

Until Next Time,
Pool time surprise in Surprise,


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