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Toyota Yaris Loaner (Useless)

(Saturday 22 August 2015) by Rick Clot
Here's an update on my car. My last post was August 14th saying my car was in the dealership getting repaired after a minor parking lot incident that left me with steering and suspension issues. Well today is August 22nd and it's still there. A few days ago the shop called to tell me a steering arm was bent. So the procedure is that the shop has to wait for the insurance adjuster to come out and assess the damage and decide if his insurance company will pick up the cost of the repairs. That was done and thankfully they are paying. But then the next day the shop called again and said they found another problem which would require the adjuster to come out again and start the process all over again. So here's the obvious question. Why couldn't the shop identify all the problems at the same time and then request that the adjuster come out ONE TIME only to streamline the process? I'm not sure I understand the procedures involved but I know for sure I will ask when I pick up my car hopefully next week sometime. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Until Next Time,
Still driving the Yaris in Surprise,


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