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Still No Car But Hoping

(Sunday 30 August 2015) by Rick Clot
August 30th and, yes you guessed correctly, my car is still in the shop. A total of 16 days and I'm still driving around town in my POS rental car, a Toyota Yaris. This past Thursday I got a third call from the dealer to tell me they were waiting for the insurance guy to come out AGAIN to sign off on another repair and it should be done tomorrow, Monday 8/31 in the late afternoon. That makes tomorrow "crunch day" since I'm going out of town Tuesday morning and the insurance company refuses to pay for my rental beyond that. So now the question becomes if I turn in the rental car tomorrow and my car is still not fixed I'll have no way of getting home and if it costs me $30 in a cab ride will the insurance company pay me for that expense as well? I will call them tomorrow morning to ask. So far they've been very generous in their reimbursements. Along with paying for the repairs they will have paid for 17 days of car rental and $800 in lost wages without even blinking an eye all the while being very helpful and friendly to work with. So far I can't say enough nice things about State Farm Insurance.

Until Next Time,
Ready to fly outta here,


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