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Enterprise Can Kiss My A**

(Sunday 13 September 2015) by Rick Clot
OK, here's an update since my last blog on 8/30. On Monday, 8/31, I returned my rental car which I was forced to do since I was leaving town Tuesday morning, 9/1. Fortunately, the dealer provided me with a ride home since my car still wasn't ready which was the least they could do since they've had it for three weeks. Left town for Chicago Tuesday and went to Enterprise rental car first thing Wednesday morning to pick up a car I had reserved. When making that reservation I got them to agree to waive the extra driver fee of $10 a day. A friend was renting the car for me since I don't own a major credit card and since they were just renting and not driving that made me the ONLY driver and not an extra driver so that's how I convinced them to waive the fee. But when I showed up to pick up the car I dealt with another manager who refused to honor the agreement. When another friend offered me the use of his wife's car, I returned the rental and gladly cancelled the rest of my reservation. I also wrote a nasty letter to their corporate HQs suggesting they reassign that manager to a job in the yard washing vehicles when they come in off the road to better utilize his people skills. Then on Sunday, 9/6, we had to go to a wedding in downtown Chicago. I wasn't looking forward to this knowing that I would be driving someone else's car in horrendous gridlock traffic. Miraculously, we made it to the restaurant in one piece but when the valet came out he had ONE ARM. That's not something that gives you a warm fuzzy feeling knowing that the parking lot is around the corner and down a half block. Why would anyone hire a one armed valet in the heaviest traffic location in the city? Seems like a liability to me. There were no dings on the car so the night ended well with the exception of blowing through a toll booth on the way home. I was in the wrong lane and couldn't get in the right lane in time. My friend will probably get a bill from the Illinois Tollway Dept. for $1.50 but hey, what are friends for?

Until Next Time,
Relaxing again in AZ,


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