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The Life of a Softball Umpire

(Friday 23 October 2015) by Rick Clot
The job of a softball umpire can sometimes be frustrating but every once in a while it can also provide a little humor in an otherwise dull game. Such was the case last night on a call at third base that I didn't think was even that close. Anyway, the hitter was a young black guy named Eddie. Eddie has the most speed of any human I've seen on this earth. I swear he could outrun a cheetah. So Eddie hits a single to left center field and when the outfielder momentarily bobbles the ball, Eddie, who was already on his way to second decides he's going to try for third. It was a perfect throw to the cutoff who relayed a strike to the third baseman who was waiting for Eddie as he slid into the base. I was 10' from the play and called Eddie out. Eddie mildly disagreed with my call as he went back to the dugout claiming the third baseman missed the tag. I'm not sure how you can miss a tag when you have the ball in your glove and are waiting for the runner. The humorous part of this whole situation was when the coach came out AFTER THE INNING WAS OVER to tell me he thought I had missed the call. When I asked him why he thought he had a better view from the first base dugout than I had from 10' away he admitted he didn't actually see it but was just going by what Eddie told him. My choices were to laugh in his face or just walk away. I chose to walk away shaking my head in disbelief. Some guys just don't get it.

Until Next Time,
Umpping is fun I keep telling myself,


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