Travel Journal

Hangin' Out With Fred

(Saturday 21 November 2015) by Rick Clot
Well today was "D Day". At this point you can feel free to fill in your own definition of "D". I reported to outpatient services this morning at 8:00AM for a procedure that was scheduled for 10:00AM but didn't actually get started until 1:30PM. Apparently the doctor was running late due to some kind of emergency. I knew this would happen because the signs were all pointing in this direction right from the start. Like when a very nice nurse named Carole came in first thing in the morning to start an IV and couldn't find a vein so she relinquished the job to Lisa who found one immediately and 10 minutes later I noticed them taking Carole away in a wheelchair complaining of chest pains. Not a good way to start your day...for either of us. The procedure went as planned. A stone the size of a golf ball was removed from my bladder using a laser to blast it to smithereens. Now I have to walk around with a catheter who I have affectionately named Fred until Monday when I get it removed. And I've had all this fun and excitement for a mere $250 co-pay. How can you beat that?

Until Next Time,
Just me and Fred,


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