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Mah Jong Might Be Fun

(Tuesday 15 December 2015) by Rick Clot
So I've been sans Fred for a couple of weeks now and everything seems to be back to normal. At least I'm able to put on a pair of socks by myself. I'm back playing softball again. Well maybe I should say I'm back showing up at the field for a game. I don't know if the word "playing" is an accurate description of what I do anymore. The majority of my exercise comes from walking out to my position in the outfield and three outs later walking back to the dugout. The sad part is even that gets me tired out. I used to get a rather good workout running the bases but I don't even do much of that anymore. What used to be fairly easy going 4-4 at the plate is now a struggle just to go 2-4. And on the rare occasion I do reach first safely, I've got all I can do to go from first to third on a single to right field without pulling a muscle. Something tells me old Father Time has finally caught up to me. Maybe it's time to start realigning my priorities and find a different interest. Like needlepoint.

Until Next Time,
Quilting in Surprise,


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