Travel Journal

Happy New Year, I Guess

(Friday 1 January 2016) by Rick Clot
Well here it is Jan. 1st and another year has flown by with the speed of an Obama presidential pardon from Gitmo. When most people are dealing with hangovers right about now I'm nursing an extremely tired body this morning from helping to clean the house all day yesterday. We had a house full of people over to play cards, enjoy the food and drink and celebrate the New Year which, by the way, took place at 11:00 since no one had the drive to go all the way to midnight. We rang in the New Year with Memphis, TN. and everyone was on their way home by 11:15 PM. This has become a yearly ritual over the last couple of years that I'm enjoying I might add. We started out with dinner for 12 at a local Italian restaurant. I had the tilapia which was rather fishy tasting which is probably normal for a piece of fish except I don't normally experience that in other restaurants. Maybe it was an old fish. We came back to our house to play cards, have dessert and coffee and celebrate prematurely so we could all be in bed by 11:30. Happy New Year everybody. If we're all lucky we'll be able to do it again same time next year. Oh joy!

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