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What Are These People Thinking

(Tuesday 1 March 2016) by Rick Clot
Here we go again. It seems like every week something new happens in our community that falls into the category "Just When You Think You've Seen It All" and far surpasses what you've already witnessed up to that point. The following incident falls into the "Crazy Drivers" section. Yesterday I was behind a lady making a left turn from a left turn lane who just missed the left turn arrow but the light was still green allowing her to complete her turn when it was safe to proceed. This is a driver who stopped at the crosswalk rather than sticking her nose out into the intersection to make her turn at the first opportunity. I mention that because we have a lot of those drivers. They will stay back but finish their turn when the light turns yellow. I don't know why they do this. Maybe that's the way they drive back in the state they come from. The irritating thing about this is that they're the only one that can turn while everyone behind them has to wait for another cycle of the light. Not that big of a deal if you're not in a hurry but sometimes the rest of us are on a schedule too. Anyway, the lady in question sat in the left turn lane and refused to turn even after the oncoming traffic had passed us by and with no approaching cars in sight for blocks. Even a few friendly persuasions with my car horn failed to coax her through her turn. She waited for the light to turn red then turn green again which gave her the green arrow. Then she completed her turn. BAFFLING!! Maybe she thought she could only turn left on a left arrow. It must be tough to turn over the car keys to the kids and give up your driving privileges. I'm sure I'll find out someday.

Until Next Time,
Baffled in Surprise,


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