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What Can I Post?

(Monday 18 April 2016) by Rick Clot
It's been a month since my last post. Since we got rid of our RV three years ago I sometimes find it hard to come up with anything to post. When we were traveling in the RV things happened every day that were semi worthy of a blog but not much any more. So let me try to think of something that might be worth talking about here. Yesterday was our 45th wedding anniversary. I took my wife out for Japanese sushi. I ordered a chicken teriyaki bowl that wasn't worth the price. The rice was good but the chicken was overdone and the veggies were underdone. But the sushi was good. Our daughter joined us and I got stuck with the check but it was a good time. The softball season finally ended last week. We worked hard all year long to finish in last place and we were successful at it losing our last game to give us sole possession of the bottom rung. Everybody switched positions since it was the last game and who cared anyway, I played first base and took a bad hop ground ball off the knee cap from the second batter of the game and I'm still limping four days later. Bad decision. I'm taking the entire summer off to rest this body. Speaking of rest, I have officially resigned from my umpire duties on Friday and Sunday nights. It's always hard to admit that you're getting too old to participate in a specific activity but that's the case here. I just couldn't keep up with the fast pace of the game that these young adults played. But the good side is that I've lightened my schedule a bit which will give me more time to relax. Surprisingly, it seems like a heavy load has been lifted off my shoulders. Maybe now I'll be able to catch up on some much needed sleep. OK, enough for now. I told you that all I have to post is boring stuff.

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