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I Must Be Getting Old

(Thursday 5 May 2016) by Rick Clot
Two and a half weeks ago I resigned from my job of softball umpire for the Surprise, AZ. Park District and it's amazing how my life has been better ever since. I was umpping coed games on Friday and Sunday nights. Four games a night and I was splitting them with another umpire, I did two and he did two. Well the chief umpire who does all the scheduling called me on a Wednesday to ask if I could do all four games that Friday. There's a reason why I split the games and only do two a night. It's because if I'm on my feet for more than two games my back stiffens up and my knees get so sore I can hardly move. So I told him I didn't think I'd be physically able to do four games, that I have all I can handle just to get through two. Well it sounded like he couldn't get anyone else and was in a bind so I agreed to do all four. The first two games went rather routinely but by the third game I was starting to stiffen up and by the fourth game I should have been in a wheelchair. I was making calls at 2nd base from around home plate only because I couldn't get there. A few players got upset that I wasn't getting in a good position to make the call and they were right. So I did a whole lot of soul searching on my way home that night and fired off an email the next day to my chief umpire letting him know I was taking an early retirement. I finally realized the time has come that I cannot keep up with the young man's game anymore. It has definitely passed me by. I'll stick to senior softball where I may still have a chance. But it seems like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders and that's a good thing.

Until Next Time,
Getting older by the day,


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