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T-Ball Bloopers

(Thursday 5 May 2016) by Rick Clot
Are you ready for this? Two posts in one day. Wow, will wonders never cease! Thought I'd relate a funny story I heard yesterday from our son Dave regarding our 4 year old grandson Benny. Apparently Benny is playing T-ball. And illegally I might add. The only reason they allowed a 4 yr. old to play is because Dave agreed to help coach the team so they let Benny play in exchange for securing another coach. So the teams play three innings and everyone bats once every inning. When they go through the entire batting order the players clear the bases, come into the dugout to get their gloves and hats and meet with the coach on the mound to get their defensive assignments. Benny's team has red and black jerseys and unfortunately so did the other team in yesterday's game. While the coach was having his defensive meeting on the mound Benny was nowhere to be found. Then Dave spotted him in the other team's dugout. He followed all the other players into their dugout and was sitting on their bench probably hoping to get another at bat. Both teams had the same color jerseys. Confusing to a 4 yr. old I'm sure but a simple mistake. Then, while on 1st base, the batter hit the ball and Benny made a beeline for right field. Another easy mistake to make. But he'll learn.

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