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Rio Mirage, You SUCK!

(Tuesday 24 May 2016) by Rick Clot
There's a Mexican restaurant just down the street that I've been in several times and every time I've been there I've had a less than pleasurable experience. I keep saying I won't go back but somehow I let my wife talk me into it and sure enough BANG! another disappointment. Once we went in for an all you can eat special. When my food came out there was a mountain of it on the plate. So much that I couldn't finish it all. When our server came by at the end of the meal I asked for a doggie bag and was told they don't provide doggie bags on the all you can eat special for obvious reasons. I argued that this was my first plate of food and I paid for it so I should be able to take it home. Long story short, I lost the argument and told them I'd never be back. But I went back anyway and common sense told me to stay away from the special. I ordered the fajitas. The server returned a few minutes later to inform me they ran out of tortillas. Not sure how a Mexican restaurant can run out of tortillas. Kind of like a Chinese restaurant running out of rice. They solved the problem by bringing me one big tortilla about the size of a large pizza. That was fun. Went back last night against my better judgement. The hostess led us to a table in the back room, definitely the hottest spot in the place. It had to be 90 in there. When I told her we preferred a booth she gave us some BS story why she couldn't do that so in the interest of not creating a scene we settled for the table in the sauna that had chairs with one leg shorter than the rest. The kicker was that she sat two elderly ladies in the booth I asked for less than two minutes after we were seated. Not sure why we couldn't get the booth and they could put the ladies at the table with the handicapped chairs. Now I know I won't go back. EVER!!!

Until Next Time,
Pissed in Surprise,


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