Travel Journal

It's Hell To Get Old

(Sunday 5 June 2016) by Rick Clot
A couple weeks ago I was out fulfilling my duties as an airport shuttle driver, a part time job I've had for about 9 months and one that I sometimes like because I enjoy driving but also sometimes hate because there are more stupid people in this world than you can ever imagine and I seem to run into all of them while doing this job. Actually, I'm not sure it's stupidity or senility. Anyway, I was assigned to pick up a guy around 2:30 PM coming in from Chicago. He was 91 yrs old, flying alone with no cell phone and was hard of hearing. What could possibly go wrong here? Well when it got to be 3:30 and we didn't hear from him everyone flew into panic mode. Our office contacted his daughter in Chicago who said she put him on the plane. Then SHE flew into panic mode. We had no way to contact him since he didn't have a cell phone and couldn't hear the airport page. So I did the only thing I could do. I parked the car and went into the terminal and thanks to his daughter who gave us a description of what he was wearing, I looked for a 91 yr old man in blue shorts amongst 42 bazillion other people in baggage claim. Walked around for 45 minutes, checked the unclaimed luggage area and cab stand with no success. Our office finally got hold of him later in the day only to find out he apparently took the wrong shuttle home. So we closed the file on this missing person. It's scary to think I'm not too far from being there myself.

Until Next Time,
Watching senility in Surprise,


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