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Tacos From the Dark Side

(Monday 13 June 2016) by Rick Clot
As a part time driver for ABS Airport Shuttle here in Surprise, often times I find myself with a few spare minutes (sometimes hours) to kill between rides. If this happens near a meal hour I'll stop and indulge in a quick bite to eat. After all, I am a growing boy. Unfortunately, I think I'm growing in the wrong direction. Anyway, I digress. So yesterday I had a few extra minutes and thought I'd stop at the local Choke and Puke (a.k.a. Jack in the Box) for a couple of tacos. Why tacos you ask? Because many years ago I would stop at a Jack in the Box on my way home from a softball game and I always remembered them having some pretty good tacos, believe it or not. So I went into one yesterday and waltzed up to the counter and ordered two ground beef tacos. The cashier told me they didn't have ground beef. I thought that was a little strange but not missing a beat I asked for two chicken tacos to which she told me they didn't have chicken either. At this point I briefly considered ordering a hamburger just to make it simple because I really wasn't sure if I had any taco options left. But my curiosity got the best of me and I had to ask this $15/hr. millennial what they put in their tacos. She told me it was a soy/hamburger mixture which didn't sound particularly appealing but I thought I'd try it anyway. They looked like tacos, smelled like tacos and I might give them a C- in taste but whatever you do, don't look inside. You wouldn't want to step in it.

Until Next Time,
Surviving a taco attack,


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