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Chevy Chase Reincarnated

(Wednesday 15 June 2016) by Rick Clot
I'm starting to get amped up for our yearly trip to Chicago to see our son and his family in a few weeks. The last few years we've flown back but this year we've decided to drive and take June, our 10 yr old granddaughter with us. We normally do it in three days of 600 miles/day but because we're dragging the little nose miner with us we'll stretch it out to four days. That will give us some time at the end of each day to enjoy the hotel pool. When I think about how I can make this an educational trip for June, I immediately get flashbacks of the Chevy Chase movie Vacation where he packs up the family and heads for Wally World. We'll be going by some very interesting sights along the way such as Meteor Crater National Park near Winslow, AZ, the world's largest ball of twine in Cawker City, KS and the world's largest pumpkin in Streator, IL. And the trip wouldn't be complete without stopping to see the leaning water tower in Britten, TX or the 190' giant cross near Amarillo. Which reminds me, we can't miss the Cadillac Ranch art exhibit in Amarillo as long as we're there. Not to mention a quick drive by the Gateway Arch in St. Louis. All highly educational points of interest for a 10 yr old I'm sure. Will we be stopping at any of these places? No, probably not but we might get a picture from the car as I fly by at 70MPH. Shades of Chevy Chase at the Grand Canyon.

Until Next Time,
On the road again,
Rick (a.k.a. Chevy)


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