Travel Journal

Off To Chicago Day #1

(Monday 11 July 2016) by Rick Clot
It's been awhile, since last Labor Day to be exact, since we've taken a road trip but we're doing it again. We left Surprise on Saturday, July 9th with much trepidation since a full length mirror fell over and broke the night before. This wasn't a good sign but we hit the road anyway bound for Albuquerque on our first day. This year I thought it might be nice if we brought our 10 yr. old granddaughter June with us out on the road. I added an extra day to the trip to afford us time to swim at the motel every night. Unfortunately, June had a cold and ear infection so that cancelled our swimming on the first night. We dragged along an air mattress for June to sleep on. It operated on four flashlight batteries and just to be sure we bought four new ones. I spent an hour trying to get the thing inflated to no avail even after replacing all the batteries. Things were not starting out smoothly. And as if the signs weren't negative enough, June ran out from between two parked cars in the motel parking lot right in front of a pickup truck. Fortunately, the driver saw her and stopped in time. The first day on the road was ominous to be sure. Enough so that we'll probably fly in from now on.

Until Next Time,
Heading to Oklahoma City,


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