Travel Journal

Off To Chicago Day #2

(Monday 11 July 2016) by Rick Clot
The second day out saw us motor into Oklahoma City staying at a Courtyard Inn. By the time we got here and unloaded the car which is a major project (another reason to fly next year) and had dinner at the local Applebee's, our swimming excursion got washed out again. That's OK because June still had a lingering cough so we didn't want to take any chances. The weather has been perfect both days with high skies and few clouds. Along the way we saw some of America's most favorite points of interest, the largest free standing cross in the U.S. outside of Amarillo, TX. 190' of cross. It's a beauty. Also the leaning water tower was a fun sight to see? And what could compare to the Cadillac Ranch. No, not the whorehouse in Reno. This is where several cars are half buried in the earth front end down. Not sure why. Been by it several times but never stopped. All three of these breathtaking sights are within 40 miles of each other. We had dinner at the local Applebee's in Oklahoma City and the waitress spilled an entire martini on Sandy. And the bad luck continues....

Until Next Time,
Halfway home,


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