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Off To Chicago Day #3

(Wednesday 13 July 2016) by Rick Clot
Left the Courtyard Inn in Oklahoma City on day #3. No free breakfast at this place so I know one hotel we won't be staying at in the future. We left under a cloudless shy and the temperature in the 90's bound for St. Louis. The weather has been the one bright spot on this entire trip. There have been pockets of road construction all along the way ever since we left Arizona. In fact, it's hard for one to get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you pass a sign on the highway that says "road work next 61 miles." We stopped for lunch at a McDonald's somewhere between Tulsa and Joplin and while relaxing over a quarter pounder w/cheese we got a message from our bank's security dept. telling us our debit card may have been compromised. We returned their call and it turned out they were questioning some charges we made from different states. I guess we probably should have notified them we were leaving town. Then we noticed an inflated charge from the Courtyard Inn to the tune of $30.00. I called them and it was explained to me that they add on an extra charge for anticipated incidentals and since we had no incidentals they would rebate the charge back to my account which would take 3-5 business days. I'm still not sure why they don't charge me for the incidentals as I use them. Maybe it's because since everything else was going wrong why should the room charges be any different. I can feel my hair getting grayer.

Until Next Time,
Heading into the home stretch,


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