Travel Journal

Off To Chicago Day #4

(Wednesday 13 July 2016) by Rick Clot
Stayed in a Fairfield Inn just west of St. Louis in St. Charles, Mo. Another king room with a sofa bed for June. Got to the room and the first thing I did was turn the temperature up in the room since it was rather chilly. The next thing I know the room is filling up with this awful odor that smelled strikingly similar to a porta-potty that hadn't been serviced in a month. The front desk clerk came up and sprayed some magic potion that cleared up the smell in a relatively short period of time. At least the bed was comfortable. Definitely the best one we had on the entire trip. Woke up Tuesday morning to a good old fashion pouring down rain storm the likes of which we rarely see in Phoenix. I went down for breakfast and I teasingly asked the clerk behind the front desk what was that wet stuff falling from the sky? I told her we don't see that too often where I come from and when we do it's the lead story on the 10:00 news. By the time we got ready to go the sun was out and it had stopped raining. Hooray for the good things on this trip. Not many of them though. Oh did I mention my AC stopped working a couple of times while motoring down the road at 70 MPH? I had to pull off the road, shut off the engine and wait a minute or two and start it up again. That seemed to get it back working again. Gotta get that looked at when I get home.

Until Next Time,
Don't think I'll drive again,


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