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Perpetual Motion Exists In Nature

(Thursday 14 July 2016) by Rick Clot
While watching an episode of National Geographic on the Nature channel I found out that some species of sharks need to keep swimming to force water across their gills to extract the oxygen that keeps them alive. This is an example of perpetual motion. When it comes to land animals however, just about all species require sleep in one form or another. The only exception to this is my four grandkids in Chicago. We have Austin, 7, Benny, 4, and Everett and Liana, 2 yr old twins who separately or sometimes all at once go running and screaming throughout the house jumping over or climbing on top of each other whichever is more convenient. Couple this with the fact that Dave and Katie have a general handyman over remodeling the master bath and adjacent laundry room and the place could qualify for federal disaster relief funds. The contractor has disconnected the washer and dryer and moved them out into the living room to make room for his retiling efforts. Everett the 2 yr old has mastered the art of climbing on top of the dryer and doing a 1 1/2 triple gainer onto the sofa that would make Greg Louganis proud. Today, thanks to a quirk in the schedule, Dave is without any kids so he is joining us at our place for a day of rest and relaxation. Not to mention the peace and quiet. So thankful for schedule quirks.

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