Travel Journal

We Almost There Dad?

(Monday 18 July 2016) by Rick Clot
We've been on the go ever since we got to Chicago. Visiting with our son and the four grandkids has been an exercise in sensory overload. Someone is always running through the house crying. They seem to be on a schedule. One of them cries because they are denied access to something, a toy, Poppy's cell phone, etc. Then another one will cry after the first one is done. And they take turns handing off the responsibility of amping up the noise level to the next in line. Fortunately the oldest, Austin, is now 7 and he's pretty much beyond the crying stage although he's still more than capable of doing a great imitation of an air raid siren when he feels the need. Other activities so far included a cookout at a friend's lake house in Wisconsin which featured a smoked piglet (YUMMO), water slides, swimming in the lake and Jello shots. Fun was had by all. The kids enjoyed the water and I the Jello shots. The pace has been hectic so far and truth be told I'm looking forward to leaving this Saturday. I never thought I'd say I was anxious to get out on the Illinois highways with all these morons but I can't wait to get back to the peace and quiet of Arizona.

Until Next Time,
Trying to keep a low profile,


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