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The Times They Are A Changing

(Tuesday 19 July 2016) by Rick Clot
Last night we had a nice dinner with our son's in laws. They extended a friendly invitation to Dave and Katie and us to join them for an evening of Mexican food and games afterward. I think the plan was supposed to be for Katie to get a babysitter and the evening was meant just for the adults but because they got a late start, no babysitter could be found at the last minute so we had to drag the kids with us to her parents house. It actually turned out to be a quiet dinner since the kids found things to do in their back yard that kept them occupied through the dinner hour. Whatever happened to the days when the whole family sat down to eat together? And without electronic equipment like cell phones and IPADS and such. Here's an observation I made that pretty much defines the new generation. Katie took the older kids for a hike in the woods that took them near a small stream and a waterfall. Somehow Benny, our almost 5 yr. old, lost his hat in the water and it went over this small waterfall. I'm not sure if they got it back but when it happened Benny was so upset that he punched mama in the face. At my son's house, in todays environment, that action resulted in a timeout with "quiet time" when they got home while the rest of them went swimming in the neighbor's pool. Katie then gave Dave specific instructions that if Benny was "quiet" for 20 minutes he could then come over and swim with the rest of the kids. In my day Benny would have a sore ass and wouldn't be able to sit for a week. And the parents wonder why the kids have behavioral problems these days. Sadly, how the times have changed.

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