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Back To The Good Life

(Tuesday 9 August 2016) by Rick Clot
We've been back from our trip to Chicago for two weeks now so let's see if anything has happened that's worth mentioning. While I was gone the company I worked for got sold and it didn't sound like the new company was some place I wanted to work so I had hinted that I would be moving on upon return from Chicago. The first day back I thought it would be right to stop in at the new office and give them my resignation in person. When I got there I found the entire property was fenced in with a 7' high chain link fence and coiled barbed wire on the top. It looked striking similar to a German concentration camp. There was also a police crime scene at the end of the block that was cordoned off with yellow tape. Something tells me I made the right decision not to work there. A few days later I went to the local car wash to get the car detailed after accumulating a fine bug collection on the grill. I was approached by the glass man who pointed out 4 dings in my windshield and told me he could deal with my insurance company for a free replacement. I always like the word free. He said if I wanted it he would even pay for my car wash. Again the word free got my attention. He sent his installer out to the house and he replaced the windshield right on my driveway. No cost for anything. What a deal. Then last Saturday I played softball for the first time in 3 1/2 months. Happy to report there were no injuries. Then the next day there was a two hour batting practice which I reluctantly attended. Bad decision. Monday morning I was so sore I couldn't comb my hair. But everything is back to normal.

Until Next Time,
Suffering through triple digit heat,


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