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Arizona Dreaming

(Thursday 15 September 2016) by Rick Clot
Lately I've been watching a lot of You Tube videos on truck campers. You know what I'm talking about here. The cab over campers that sit in the bed of a pickup truck. For some reason these things fascinate me. I'm absolutely mesmerized by how compact and well engineered they are. Everything is at an arm's length away and you're never more than three steps from the sleeping area in the front to the bathroom in the back. They have almost all the comforts of home. They come with refrigerators, microwave ovens, cook stoves and sinks. Showers in the bathrooms and queen size beds. Large TVs on a swivel stand that can be seen from the bed or turned so that you can see it from the dinette area. Some models even have a slide out. They can be equipped with generators for off the grid camping and solar panels mounted on the roof. It would be perfect for one person traveling alone but could certainly accommodate two with some adjustments. Wouldn't it be wonderful to not be tied down to one spot? To be able to live full time in a truck camper and have the freedom to go where you want, when you want and take as much time to get there as you please. To be able to stay in the moderate temperatures along the northern part of this country in the summer and spend the winters in the southern states without the snow. To drop in and see the kids and grandkids every once in awhile just so they remember who their "Poppy" is. Oh to be a vagabond again. Maybe someday.

Until Next Time,
Dreaming about the road,


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