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Finally Got It Off My Chest

(Wednesday 5 October 2016) by Rick Clot
I'm putting this on my travel blog on the slim chance that long after I'm gone this will eventually find its way into a time capsule that will be discovered in the year 4942AD by some mutant form of human life who may possibly have the ability to finally right a wrong and set the record straight for all mankind once and for all.
Spring 1963, East Leyden HS Varsity Baseball, Maine West HS vs. East Leyden HS, Saturday morning doubleheader at East Leyden in Franklin Park, IL.
We're down 2-0 to Maine West in the 5th inning of the first game and facing their ace of the staff, Art Allen. Maine West will go on to finish the year as the Illinois HS state champs with a record of 28-3. Allen has been dominant so far in the game. Things weren't looking very promising. In the home half of the 5th our leadoff batter doubles and the next hitter singles to put our first run on the board and a 2-1 score. Our next batter triples in the gap to score the runner from 1st tying the game at 2. I was the next hitter and hit a sac fly to left field scoring the go ahead run from 3rd. 3-2 for the good guys. The next hitter hit a solo home run to make it 4-2. Neither team scored after that giving us the win 4-2 and me the satisfaction of knocking in the winning run and bragging rights that we gave the state champs one of their three losses all year. The newspaper article the next day gave the batter after me credit for a two run home run instead of me a sac fly and him a solo homer. I've been living with this for 53 years. Hopefully, those mutants will be able to set the record straight.

Until Next Time,
Getting it off my chest in Surprise,


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