Travel Journal

A Walmart Adventure

(Saturday 24 December 2016) by Rick Clot
If you want a sensory adventure go to Walmart the week before Christmas. It's like all the weirdos crawl out from under their rocks and go shopping all at once at Walmart. You'll see people wearing clothing that doesn't fit and they look like they've been through an explosion in a paint factory. You'll see old and young sporting tattoos and every imaginable hair color known to mankind. You'll see every conceivable kind of body type, short, tall, fat or skinny either walking around the store pushing shopping carts or riding in a motorized cart getting in everyone's way. The strange phenomenon is that you usually don't see these mutants in your local grocery stores like Albertsons or Safeway. For some reason Walmart is like a homing device for the weird and culturally deprived. Yesterday was a good example. While sitting on a bench in the local Walmart waiting for my wife to finish shopping (seems like I spend half my life waiting for my wife), two young men walked by and unfortunately they disappeared before I could get my phone out to take a picture. One was disgustingly overweight and wearing pajama pants with body piercings in places that you could see and probably in other places that I was glad I couldn't see. The other kid had wild colored shorts and a pair of multi patterned knee socks that didn't come close to a match. My immediate thought was that I couldn't believe he probably had another pair just like it in his sock drawer. Next time I'll have my camera at the ready.

Until Next Time,
Amused in Walmart,


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