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Sad Times

(Saturday 31 December 2016) by Rick Clot
Every time I put a post on this blog I try to keep it light and fluffy if possible. The reason for that is simple. I know no one likes to hear about other people's troubles. That's because they have enough of their own. Today, forgive me as I turn to the serious side. Within the last two weeks we've been made aware of some serious health issues two of our closest friends have been having. We just found out that a good friend of mine suffered a stroke on Nov. 5th. I was saddened to hear this but then suddenly realized that we are all slowly sneaking into that age group where these things happen. This comes as a surprise because I still think of him as the tough high school football player he once was. Then we found out about a week ago that my wife's best friend was rapidly losing a battle with cancer and had a short time to live. My wife jumped on a plane earlier this week to be at her side. My friend has always been like the brother I never had and Sandy and her friend have been like sisters since they were little kids. I hope God will show a special kind of love to these two people. They've certainly earned it.

Until Next Time,
Sad in Surprise,


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